Welcome to Made in Greater Manchester!

For many people around the world, Greater Manchester is synonymous with industry. The Greater Manchester that we know today is built on the foundations of industry, and the growth of Greater Manchester went hand in hand with the arrival of people of many nationalities and ethnic groups, drawn to an area that promises employment and prosperity.

The archive collections relating to business and industry in Greater Manchester are second to none, documenting the development of industries and the lives of people in these urban communities.

The Made in Greater Manchester project, a unique collaboration between archive services across Greater Manchester, is a new Heritage Lottery funded project which aims to develop a new online catalogue of local business records.

Made in Greater Manchester aims to bring these collections alive, engaging volunteers and new users in creating a set of collection catalogues and new digital resources that share information about business history in the area.

Please check back soon to see how our project is progressing and to read some of the fascinating stories discovered by our Made in Greater Manchester volunteers!

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Walker Brothers. Wigan Archives& Local Studies, PC2010.2785.

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