About Made in Greater Manchester

For many people around the world, Greater Manchester is synonymous with industry. The cotton industry in particular helped to turn Manchester into the powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution, and brought significant fame to the region’s towns during the Victorian period.

However, despite its “Cottonopolis” reputation, innovative and successful businesses from all sectors made Greater Manchester their home, and the communities that we know today are built upon the foundations of these important industries.

Many of these pivotal businesses have left a legacy of archives and photographs which document not only business transactions, products and industrial processes but the working lives of men, women and children across the city region. It is these fascinating collections of business archives that we hope to bring alive and raise awareness of through our new project, Made in Greater Manchester.


Made in Greater Manchester (MIGM) is a collaborative effort between the local authority archive services in the Greater Manchester Archives and Local Studies Partnership (GMALSP).

Each of the ten archive services within the partnership has selected one important collection of business records to be processed as part of the MIGM project. The collections range from the meticulous engineering plans of Walker Brothers Ltd., a major heavy engineering business in Wigan, to a captivating collection of oral history interviews from the Tameside borough.

MIGM aims to bring these collections alive, engaging volunteers and new users in creating a set of collection catalogues and new digital resources that share information about business history in the area.

 Click on the star icons on the map below to find out more about our Made in Greater Manchester collections!

Please check back soon to see how our project is progressing and to read some of the fascinating stories discovered by our Made in Greater Manchester volunteers!


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